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At St. Wilfred’s School, we believe in fostering a love for reading and promoting a culture of lifelong learning. Our school library is a vibrant and enriching space that serves as a gateway to knowledge and imagination. Our library houses a diverse and extensive collection of books, spanning various genres, subjects, and reading levels. From classic literature to contemporary works, students have access to a wide range of reading materials that cater to their interests and academic needs.
Our library features a dedicated reference section with encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, and other resources to support students’ research and learning endeavors. It provides them with the tools necessary to explore and delve deeper into various subjects. In addition to physical books, our library embraces technology and offers digital resources such as e-books, online databases, and educational websites. Students can access these resources from computers and tablets, enhancing their research capabilities and expanding their learning opportunities.
Our library provides comfortable and inviting reading spaces where students can immerse themselves in books and engage in quiet study. These spaces are thoughtfully designed to promote a calm and focused atmosphere conducive to reading and learning.
We organize various library programs and activities throughout the year to foster a love for reading and encourage active participation. These may include author’s visits, book clubs, storytelling sessions, and reading challenges. These initiatives inspire a passion for literature, nurture creativity, and foster a sense of community among readers.

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